Living with an invisible illness

Invisible illnesses.  You’ve probably heard about them or heard people mention them.  They come in all forms from depression to constant headaches.  They have no physical symptoms and, in most cases, people think you are faking or making it up.

However, they are real and this article is to show that not only does an invisible illness affect someone in serious ways, the scepticism of people to believe that one exists can also cause hardship and stress to the sufferer.

Throughout this article I will refer to my invisible illness, and how some people have reacted to it, and the reactions of some people in the medical community as well.

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Aikido – The morning after Lesson 1

So, it’s the morning after Aikido, lesson 1, and I feel pretty good.

Actually, after the lesson finished I was thinking a week is too long for the next lesson. Despite what, to me, was a demanding workout and lesson (I’m not the fittest person), I was full of energy.  And this morning I have more energy than I normally do in the morning.

Of course, the question you lot are asking is “Are you sore?”  Well, yes, my back is sore, but it was going to be anyway (it’s been building up the last couple of days).  However, the rest of me feels pretty good.

My knee, which was having issues yesterday and last night during the workout, seems to have loosened up a bit, and I’m feeling fairly relaxed.  I’m sure work will change a lot of that when I get there this morning, but I’m hoping I’ll remember to use some of the teachings of last night’s lesson to deal with issues and stress (the mental stuff, not the physical throwing around of someone, which is quite tempting in my line of work).

So, I eagerly wait for next week’s lesson, hoping I won’t forget anything as the time passes.

I’m so glad I finally decided to do this, and wishing I had done it much much earlier.

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Steve Jobs, Apple, and Influences

“Oh great”, you’re probably thinking, “not another post from a nobody on Steve Jobs.  What makes this one special?”

Well, nothing makes it special, except that it is my thoughts and experiences about Apple, their products, and Steve Jobs.

As you have probably heard, it being all over the web-o-sphere, Steve Jobs passed away today, losing his battle with pancreatic cancer.

It feels surreal.

My first computer was an Apple //c, and on it I learned to program in BASIC and learned a little bit about machine code.  I also fell in love with computer gaming, and, specifically, computer role-playing games, Ultima III and Bard’s Tale I being the first two CRPG’s I ever played.

The computer also got me interested, and paved my path, into the IT field.

So, in a way, Steve Jobs is responsible for where I have ended up today, and this is my tribute to him.

Whether you like or hate Apple and it’s products, there is no denying that Steve Jobs was a major force in the field of computing.

As to what this means for Apple in the future, who is to say.  There’s a lot of Doomsayers out there saying Apple will not survive without Steve Jobs at the forefront.


In my opinion, Apple will continue going strong, as the current CEO has been running Apple for the last year or so.  The designers and engineers are still working for Apple.  I have no doubt that Apple will weather the storm, and the stocks will climb up (and no, I am not fortunate it to own Apple stock).

It is the end of an era in one way, but the beginning of another, for Apple to show us that they can continue, that the company is more than just one man.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.  You will be missed.

And thank you, for everything.

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Choices and Moving Forward

So, I have been working in my job with Fujitsu for just over four months now, and I am enjoying the work, and it’s a good environment to work in.  I can see myself staying on with Fujitsu for the long term.

This started a thought process in my head of where I want to go in the short and long-term and moving forward form here.

I currently have two opportunities available to me, both involving training, and not necessarily mutually exclusive, but doing one will delay the other to a degree.

Fujitsu offers both in-house and external learning, all fully funded.  Internally, I can learn programming and move into a development team.  Now, programming was my first love when I was growing up, and I would spend hours on my old Apple //c programming in Apple BASIC.

When I moved into the workforce I just kind of fell into doing computer and IT support and have just kinda stayed, moving form job to job, contracting, and so forth.

I now have the opportunity to get back into programming and move on from there, and this is what I was contemplating on doing.

However, an opportunity has arisen to do an external Diploma of Management course funded by Fujitsu.  I am a little hesitant as I have seen how some managers work, taking work home, stories of working long days, even from home, and working on the weekends.

Now, I know not all managers do all of the above, but the prospect of long hours does give me a little pause.

I know both areas (development and management) can be stress magnets, so I’m leaving that out of the equation.

So, I’d like to solicit opinions and advice from my friends.

Which way should I move?

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Welcome to Anestis’ Life

Welcome to me trialling WordPress to organise and update my website, which will hopefully be more often than in the past.

Again, this is a work in progress, but hopefully there will be more customisation and more content coming soon.

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