Choices and Moving Forward

So, I have been working in my job with Fujitsu for just over four months now, and I am enjoying the work, and it’s a good environment to work in.  I can see myself staying on with Fujitsu for the long term.

This started a thought process in my head of where I want to go in the short and long-term and moving forward form here.

I currently have two opportunities available to me, both involving training, and not necessarily mutually exclusive, but doing one will delay the other to a degree.

Fujitsu offers both in-house and external learning, all fully funded.  Internally, I can learn programming and move into a development team.  Now, programming was my first love when I was growing up, and I would spend hours on my old Apple //c programming in Apple BASIC.

When I moved into the workforce I just kind of fell into doing computer and IT support and have just kinda stayed, moving form job to job, contracting, and so forth.

I now have the opportunity to get back into programming and move on from there, and this is what I was contemplating on doing.

However, an opportunity has arisen to do an external Diploma of Management course funded by Fujitsu.  I am a little hesitant as I have seen how some managers work, taking work home, stories of working long days, even from home, and working on the weekends.

Now, I know not all managers do all of the above, but the prospect of long hours does give me a little pause.

I know both areas (development and management) can be stress magnets, so I’m leaving that out of the equation.

So, I’d like to solicit opinions and advice from my friends.

Which way should I move?

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4 Responses to Choices and Moving Forward

  1. Colin says:

    Hi Anestis,
    having moved from a technical role to mangement (well project management, not the same as line management) hopefully I can contribute.
    In my experience long work hours are more common in technical roles than management. this really depands on the individual (e.g. workaholic over commited to the job, inability to say no) and the position (the only expert, under-resourced position).
    The biggest deciding factor is what do you enjoy. If you love the tech stuff, stick with it (I wish I could have). If you enjoy managing people, head in that direction.
    From a long term career view, managers are more portable, but also more expendable. Tech guys can have a limited shelf life if the tech becomes redundant (as was my case).
    As for stretching yourself, that opportunity is there in both directions. Anyway my bias is showing- I loved the tech stuff, and if I could have stuck with it I would have, even in hindsight.

  2. Chris says:

    Throw some time management training into the mix, and you’ll be fine.
    In my experience, people who take home work/work long hours are actually just really bad at time management.
    I’ve been in many management positions now, and almost never (not for over two years at least) have to stay back late or work outside of normal hours.

  3. Colleen Simpson says:

    Go with what you love. Having gone with so many things because it was ‘expedient’, I think if you have the opportunity to do what you love, and if what you love isn’t actually the ‘impractical’ thing to do at the time, take the chance. You never know where it will lead. I’m not knocking expedience; it has brought me to where I am today, and I will be better at doing what I love because of it, but there are times when I regret not taking the chance earlier. Things might have been harder, but the lessons I’ve learned would probably have been learned another way and I’d still be at the point I am now, at about this time. Don’t overthink it.

  4. Jon Naughton says:

    My opinion? Use your head, but go with your heart. Whatever choice you make, choose the path that, over the longer term, will provide you with a better life.

    Regret can be a very powerful thing :)

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