Aikido – The morning after Lesson 1

So, it’s the morning after Aikido, lesson 1, and I feel pretty good.

Actually, after the lesson finished I was thinking a week is too long for the next lesson. Despite what, to me, was a demanding workout and lesson (I’m not the fittest person), I was full of energy.  And this morning I have more energy than I normally do in the morning.

Of course, the question you lot are asking is “Are you sore?”  Well, yes, my back is sore, but it was going to be anyway (it’s been building up the last couple of days).  However, the rest of me feels pretty good.

My knee, which was having issues yesterday and last night during the workout, seems to have loosened up a bit, and I’m feeling fairly relaxed.  I’m sure work will change a lot of that when I get there this morning, but I’m hoping I’ll remember to use some of the teachings of last night’s lesson to deal with issues and stress (the mental stuff, not the physical throwing around of someone, which is quite tempting in my line of work).

So, I eagerly wait for next week’s lesson, hoping I won’t forget anything as the time passes.

I’m so glad I finally decided to do this, and wishing I had done it much much earlier.

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  1. Jenny mason says:

    I believe that they do a Saturday morning session at Cook as well. Glad you enjoyed it.

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