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Living with an invisible illness

Invisible illnesses.  You’ve probably heard about them or heard people mention them.  They come in all forms from depression to constant headaches.  They have no physical symptoms and, in most cases, people think you are faking or making it up. However, … Continue reading

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Aikido – The morning after Lesson 1

So, it’s the morning after Aikido, lesson 1, and I feel pretty good. Actually, after the lesson finished I was thinking a week is too long for the next lesson. Despite what, to me, was a demanding workout and lesson … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, Apple, and Influences

“Oh great”, you’re probably thinking, “not another post from a nobody on Steve Jobs.  What makes this one special?” Well, nothing makes it special, except that it is my thoughts and experiences about Apple, their products, and Steve Jobs. As … Continue reading

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Choices and Moving Forward

So, I have been working in my job with Fujitsu for just over four months now, and I am enjoying the work, and it’s a good environment to work in.  I can see myself staying on with Fujitsu for the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Anestis’ Life

Welcome to me trialling WordPress to organise and update my website, which will hopefully be more often than in the past. Again, this is a work in progress, but hopefully there will be more customisation and more content coming soon.

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